Jon Gnagy’s teaching has been kept alive by Martin/F. Weber, which still offers a large selection of his kits and books.

The original Jon Gnagy webpage was created by his daughter in 1996 on the 50th anniversary of his first television broadcast.  Ten years later some of his original TV lessons were added, and in August, 2012, the site was completely re-designed and updated.

His daughter, Polly Gnagy Seymour, regularly receives email from former students and fans, and almost every week there are new comments in the Guestbook --- which you can read HERE.    

Among those who recalled Jon Gnagy’s influence and appeal is Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian.  Here is his brief reminiscence on “Entertainment Tonight” in 1991.

Leonard Maltin

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Jon Gnagy’s basic book, Learn to Draw, is now available in digital format on-line at Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and elsewhere. Learn more about the new and revised edition HERE.